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Consulting & Training

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Collarb has years of experience that spans across all types of tree services. No matter what your requirement we'd be happy to assist you. See below the different services that we offer.

Here at Collarb our passion is trees, pure, simple and green. Our huge love for the outdoors and taking great care of it underpins all of the work we put in to preserving and enhancing our trees.

Collarb prides itself on the expertise we have to provide a wealth of knowledge when it comes to caring for trees the right way. We have excellent commercial services available that stem from our combined operational backgrounds as arborists.

Our broad knowledge and unique skills inform our advice and guidance which can enable you to find the best approach to take care of your trees.

Please see below for further details on our commercial services:

  • Working with you to create the best plan of action for planting trees
  • Assistance in picking the best tree for the appropriate location
  • Provide practical methodology and advice for planting and moving trees
  • Extensive advice for plant and tree health care
  • Prescriptions for tree surgery
  • A full and detailed inspection of trees including hazards and risks
  • A long term after care plan

Get in touch today for more information and a quotation.

All landowners are responsible for any trees on their land which includes any damage of injury caused by them. All potential hazardous trees must be looked after accordingly to prevent any future risks. All trees are required to under go regular assessments and must be managed correctly to prevent any harm.

Our expert team here at Collarb can create a tree hazard and risk assessment strategy and implement it in the best way, all of which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Surveys and inspections can differ depending on a number of factors for example, the regularity of checks will depend on the target underneath the tree, where it is located and what condition the tree is in at that time.

We want to assist our clients in the best way possible to ensure all potentially hazardous trees and high risk areas are targeted and treated accordingly.

Please see below to find out some of the services we can provide:

  • Thorough inspection and detection of decay
  • Devising and carrying out a tree risk management strategy
  • Creating schedules to prioritise tree maintenance
  • Tree hazard assessments
  • Site mapping according to the risk

Get in touch today for more information and a quotation.

At Collarb we take great pride in delivering the highest quality service to our clients across the North West and the UK. We believe trees are a fantastic asset to any landscape and we want to help you restore and maintain them to the highest possible standard.

We offer an initial assessment which is free of charge for clients in the North West and following this, we will work closely with you to develop the best action plan to meet your goals.

We can assist with :

  • Preparing plans of management for trees
  • Undertake site assessments
  • Manage the consultation process
  • Gain any appropriate consents in order to deliver our plans effectively
  • Financial plans
  • Plan the restoration of habitats that are of high priority
  • Plan of action to manage woodlands

Get in touch for more information on our planning processes.

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With years of experience that spans across all types of tree services, our skilled team are here to help you. We produce quality work at an unbeatable price regardless of the project size.

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