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Tree Services

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Collarb has years of experience that spans across all types of tree services. No matter what your requirement we'd be happy to assist you. See below the different services that we offer.

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Tree Surgeon Services

At Collarb our services include Tree Felling, Pruning, Stump Removal, Crown Reduction, Crown Lift, Crown Thin, Crown Clean, Hedge Trimming, Pollard, Planting and Section Felling in the Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Merseyside and Greater Manchester regions.

Crown Reduction

This is when Collarb will reduce the entire crown for aesthetics or management of the tree.

Crown Lift

This is when Collarb would take the lower branches off from ground level upwards to allow in more light or potentially lift over properties and highways.

Crown Thin

This is when Collarb will remove the smaller secondary branches inside the canopy. This type of thinning allows more light to filter through the canopy and doesn’t change the overall look and feel of the tree if undertaken professionally and appropriately.

Crown Clean

When Collarb conduct a crown clean we remove the deadwood including any damaged branches. This altogether makes the tree much safer for people and surrounding property.

This is when Collarb will remove the whole tree for a number of reasons. It could be from disease or decay to the tree outgrowing it’s current position.

Collarb will take the tree down with the use of work positioning harnesses, ropes and pulleys in smaller sections. This is particularly useful for confined areas such as gardens or over highways.

Here Collarb will work more closely with you to trim back selected branches that may be getting too close to your property or overhead wires.

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Collarb handles any and all tree services. If you're looking for a quote then get in touch.


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